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Men's socks

Socks are an essential; a core component of comfortable, functional clothing. But do men's socks have the potential to help accentuate a strong style statement? Well, yes they do, especially if you make the right choices. For many modern men, socks are no longer an afterthought in an otherwise fashion-forward ensemble. Instead, they have become a fashion piece in their own right, sometimes being the main talking point of an outfit, and one of the most striking expressions of personal style. So check out our handpicked collection of sumptuously stylish socks.?

Turn up the volume

Loud socks, like loud ties, were once considered a fashion faux pas. But times have changed. In fact, many contemporary looks are centered on socks that add eye-catching patterns and vibrant colours to any palette. The rising popularity of pants that sit higher on the ankle—pleated joggers, ankle chinos, turned-up jeans—create a canvas for creativity. So don't hesitate to make bold choices. Contrast those olive-green Stockholm-fit pants with classic art-inspired Hot Sox, or add flair to those fitted cargo pants with multi-stripe ankle socks. Whatever you do, choose quality pieces from our vast handpicked selection, and prepare your feet for every possibility.?

Dress sock decisions

Although vibrant sock designs are enjoying a renaissance, professional and semi-formal occasions call for a different mindset. The basic black sock still reigns supreme in many instances, but you don't have to observe the status quo—unless it's a strict dress situation, such as a board meeting. Feel free to start working in complementary tones that are referenced elsewhere in your outfit, like coordinating your sock colour with your trousers rather than your black dress shoes. And remember: patterned dress socks should have a subtle design, and will work best with solid-coloured pants.?

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